A&E, Phil Roberston, and Bullying

I absolutely love Phil Robertson.  When I grow up (okay, I’m 26 now, but still..) I want to have a relationship just like the one he has with Miss Kay.  I’ve never seen a man on television who is so unashamedly devoted to his wife, after nearly 50 years.  It’s something everyone should strive for in their lives.  Okay…with that being said, let’s talk about what he said.  And what A&E has done.  

It is no secret that the Robertson family are all devout Christians.  It’s part of what makes the show so popular.  Sometimes, I think people in this country fail to remember that there are a whole bunch of states, right in the middle of the country, that hold similar beliefs to those shared on Duck Dynasty.  I think those in states like California and New York lovingly refer to us as flyover states.  

So, knowing that Phil is a devout Christian, and will openly share his beliefs with anyone, how in the hell is A&E surprised by what was said in the GQ interview where he quoted pretty much directly from the bible about homosexuality, promiscuity, and adultery?  Why remove him from the show for sharing opinions and beliefs?  Well, folks, it’s not popular to believe that homosexuality, promiscuity, and adultery are sins and will be punished by God in America today.  So instead of of releasing a statement that while A&E doesn’t hold similar beliefs, but will respect Phil Robertson’s right to free speech, they just fired him after being pressured by LGBT groups.  

Do you wanna know why there is a problem with bullying in this country?  Because this is what we are teaching our children.  You can have opinions, but if they are different than what other people think they should be, well, you’re just gonna have to keep your mouth shut or prepared to be picked on, shunned, shamed, ridiculed, etc.  Good job, A&E.  Way to set an example! 

I am angry.  I am sick of hearing about the perpetually offended.  I’m sick of being told to feel guilty or bad because I’m white, middle class, and Christian.  I’m being bullied into changing my beliefs by the media, and I am done.  I think that as Christians, as people, it’s time to stand up to the bullies.  It’s time to tell people to get over it.  You don’t have to like what someone says, but you damn well better defend their right to say it. 


One thought on “A&E, Phil Roberston, and Bullying

  1. I love him too, simply for the fact that he stands up for what he believes in. I have a real problem with people who expect us to respect them for what they feel and believe and say yet turn right around and attack someone else if their point of view is differently aligned. WTH?

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